Campus sponsored cosmetic products!

September 27, 2011
My roommate Pachi (right) and me after the application for alien registration in Japan.

My dear readers,
how are you? I’m really sorry for the lack of updates but I’m not quite sattled yet in Japan. Our room is crowded with everything but nothing worth to use. We didn’t even bought some fantastic things, all money we spent was for food or bus/train tickets or other things who are needed by us. Our campus is gigantic and just yesterday I found out that we got a konbini right next to our dormitory! The last 2 weeks we lost time because we traveled 30 minutes to the konbini which is on the other side of the campus =__=““  Japanese language course just started yesterday, I’m in course 4 which is good because it’s one level below the master class. (course 3 is the same as ours.). We were supposed to write the JLPT N2 Test yesterday just to let uns know that we will FAIL… oh my god I so failed at the listening section @__@““ But I got nearly full points for the Kanji section (and everyone is hating me for that, I so know it 😀 ). But it’s not bad that we all failed because that’s normal and they say we will pass it after succesfully mastering our Japanese language course.
I’m in an urgent need of cosmetic products because I brought the minimum with me to Japan (because my bag had almost overweight and I had to redo it at the airport ._.““ ). So it’s a very cool thing that they handed out cosmetic samples of Kosé Hyalocharge Face Milk at our campus! 

The sample itself contains 7 seperate samples of the face milk. My roommate and I grabbed some of these samples so I can try out the whole next month! I just used it twice and it feels so good on my skin. My skin hates me so much (I don’t know why..) but I think it loves the face milk! Tha package says they use Hyaluron for extremely dry skin and the face milk is also in charge of saving your skin for further damage. The face milk costs about 20$ here in Japan as far as I know so a month for free really is great. 

So my roommate and I made an application for the alien registration in Japan last Friday. Everybody who will stay longer than 90 days has to applicate for this card. We are desperately waiting for it because we need a mobile phone! Life really is sad without one xD I already decided on what phone I’ll buy…. take a guess because of what I decided on this phone? 😡

I desperately want this one because it has a great camera inside! It’s more a fusion of a mobile phone and camera than just a phone… I hope I’ll get it soon. It’s kinda not comfy to always carry my Canon through Tokyo… speaking of Tokyo: My roommate Pachi and I are planning to travel to Tokyo next weekend (because our university is nearly 2 hours away by train…) and go shopping! We honestly need to go shopping because we are so unhappy with all our stuff which is last year stuff from Germany… don’t like it that much anymore <__<„“ We don’t leave Tokyo as long as we didn‘ get any new stuff! ^_^  
Have a nice week all of you! 

P.S. I finally got the chance to buy lower lashes! I could not afford them in Germany <__< I tried them on the Welcome Party and was first like „Oh my god I will punish my whole eye out of the corner!!!“ but after finishing I was like… I look like a different person! Really like them though and will post pictures soon! (: And welcome & thanks to my new followers! 
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