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Mai 5, 2012
Have you guys ever heard of the make-up company named BYS?
Since they don’t seem to have any stocks in Germany I first encountered their products here in Japan. I first thought they were a sub-company of NYX since both of the companies have three big syllables as their name and in most stores their products are placed next to each other, packaging is also quite similar.

As the internet is crowded with NYX products and reviews I thought I give BYS a shot! Plus, I only own a NYX nail polish which I dislike so I don’t have anything to talk about. As I said the products here are placed right next to each other and for some reason until now, only BYS has caught my eye. I always ended up buying something from their series instead of NYX! Okay, it get’s annoying with all these big letters in this post…are you annoyed yet? 😀
Okay first I have to say, as a self-defendence, I didn’t really think about making a post about this and therefore did not take pictures with that purpose. So, all pictures are pictures where one could see my make-up by chance XD  Yeah, I know… I’m such an honest blogger. 
BYS cosmetics is a company located in Australia with several co-productions all over the world, mostly USA, Asia and UK as far as I could see on their web presence. They claim there that their products are NOT tested on animals which I like. Soo I want to focus on their range on eyeshadows since it’s the only thing I tried so far. Let’s take a look at their 5 piece horizontal eyeshadow compilation eyeshadows! They have wonderful color selections although they only had the boring ones at the shop in Shibuya where I found them (the purple, blue and brown palette).
I bought the Smoky Purples Palette (right bottom) since I was in an urge need of purple eyeshadows and all the others were shimmery while these are mattes. Looking at their color range I would def. like to try out the pastels in the right upper corner and the two pinkish ones in bottom row, middle ones. So sad they only had the boring ones for sale..

Read on for pictures and more product reviews!

So the Smoky Purples. I have to say at first I was a bit disappointed since it is a bit hard to achieve opaque look. The eyeshadows are really „hard“ which means it is tricky to get a lot of color onto the lid. BUT! On the other side you have very little fallout and the color stays really long even without a primer! I really like to use this palette with my green Bambi lenses, purple and green is such a nice combination! ♥ Only downside is that there is hardly any difference between the second and third color. I’m usually using a lot of the second color and blending it with white since I find the first color a bit chalky.
Extremely close up of myself, I feel a bit embarrased U.U“ .. you can even see the end of my nose piercing XD (It’s always out when taking a picture…always.) My skin is still healing so please keep the comments on that.
I’m pretty pretty bad at taking make-up pictures, I really need another lens for doing that.. the color is much brighter and opaque in real life time, so don’t judge about the picture!  I think the price is totally okay for the range of colors you get!
Let’s have a look on my favorites, the Animal Instincts Eyeshadow Series!
This eyeshadow is fantastic. Amazing. One of the best I ever bought!! No kidding, I was so surprised when trying these babies out, I’m still amazed. They have a total range of four colors; silver, gold, purple and a more greenish/turquoise palette. I got the silver one since I ran out of my standard palette and my light blue eyes need silver shadows a lot. 😀 The golden one is actually a bit more peachy seeing in natural. I don’t have it but it’s on my must-buy-list!

Reason I wanted this was the wide range of greys in it. Normally there’s white, black and one or two grey shade but in this it really has four different shades of grey which I love! Especially the second color on the right side with the blue undertone is so freaking nice.
Okay, so here’s what I LOVE about this palette: The colors are extremely pigmented. You get exactly the color that is displayed on the package, it’s even more vibrant when applied wet.  The eyeshadows are a mix of metallic and shimmer I guess, they sparkle, but not so much that you could only use it as a party make-up. Plus, they last super long! I never use primer but I can go to a concert (did Saturday) and the eyeshadow is still 80% there. The eyeshadow itself is very soft with fallout but not too much if applied carefully. I’m considering to get all four color ranges they have because I am just so in love with these babies ♥ Take into consideration that the pictures don’t do the real colors justice:
Before going to MERRY concert! 😀 Used every color except the last one. Tried to edit the picture in a way the color looked like in real life.

  I just love love love how vibrant the color is, I totally recommend these! Don’t remember the exact price, I guess it was something between 1000 – 1500 Yen. ($10 – $15) Another one that I wanna lay my hands on are there 8 Pallet Diamond Shine Eyeshadows! They were featured in the April issue of Ageha. They look similar to the Animal Instinct series which is the reason I’ll order them soon!

I don’t have a scanner here, so I just photographed the page, turned put sharper than I thought xD
 I lovelovelove colors and especially these colors seem to be pretty vibrant! You haven’t seen any colorful looks due to the fact I left all my make-up at home in Berlin! I guess I’m returning with a make-up studio, lol.. can’t resist! 😀 There is nothing worse than a palette looking nice but giving off absolutely no color onto the lid! I just can’t decide which one I should get..? Price was 1800 Yen if I remember exactly (about $18).

 I really can’t decide which one I should get since they are so similar. I was thinking about getting the pastel version so applied wet they might look quite similar to the upper version. Plus, I don’t like the yellow/orange shade… but I might end up buying both since I can’t get them in Berlin! I’ll let you know if they’re worth a shot as soon as I lay hands on them! (^__^)
Wow, that was a loooot eyeshadow today, didn’t intend it to be so long! :’D What is your favorite brand when it comes to eyeshadows and why? Let me know! I personally am an addict for bright colors so I can barely have enough color variations. This post took me like forever so I hope you enjoyed it! (:

Until next time,
– Sam.

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