Blogger Meet-Ups!

September 25, 2012
Hello my beloved ones,
have you ever met a person you once met somewhere online at the internet? I’ve done it countless times and I absolutely love meet-ups with new and exciting people.
I started blogging when I was 13, because a friend of mine had one and, how it is when you are 13, I wanted to blog too. I abused the blog(s) I had as a digital diary for my teenage horror years and I have to say, it really helped me to get through everything. I am a constant blogger for more than 10 years now; however, the blog I am owning now is the first of its kind since May this year. All other blogs I wrote were just a bunch of personal ideas, fears and happy moments I shared with other people. This blog is also the first I ever wrote in English – the thought of being able to connect with people around the whole globe filled me with a lot of excitement! :3
Until now I guess I’ve met 20+ people so far and all of these people were really nice, loving human beings, not a single „disappointment“ (like, that you don’t „click“ or cannot talk or anything.) My first blogger meet-up was with a girl named Tina. We are still friends for more than 8 years now and are meeting sometimes and her or my place since she doesn’t live in Berlin. I love to meet new people; it’s especially thrilling to meet people you found at the web because you never know how they’ll turn out in real life.
So last weekend, I met Ria from We wrote comments and tweeted from time to time a bit and when she came to Berlin for a concert, she asked if I would like to meet her for a bit. I have to say I really enjoyed her company and we got along very well and the conversation flew just by like the time! 😀
We didn’t do anything extraordinary – we went to an Indian restaurant I also never tried before but the food was surprisingly good for the kinda cheap price. After the waiter threw us out because we didn’t order any new food, we just walked around the center of Berlin, tried nearly EVERY single perfume from Douglas (yes, the black perfume from Lady Gaga really works and turns clear when you out it on – I had my doubts.) and enjoyed the nice weather. Ria also brought her friend Toni from Vienna with her, who I didn’t mind – the more, the merrier! 😀 I liked her friend as well, Toni’s really cute! :3 
Me with Ria’s glasses and Toni just being my silly self.
I really enjoyed meeting these two cuties, I had a really fun afternoon! I’ll definitely give Ria a call if I’m travelling again to her city since my good friend Tina I mentioned earlier in this post also lives at the same city.  
Oh and I guess I never blogged about it, but when I was in Tokyo I also met the lovely Monica from Mon Rabu! It was exciting to meet her, I was bored in my winter vacation and she was so nice to spent some time with me and take me shopping around Harajuku. This was also the first meet-up in a foreign language but since I’m more or less fluent in English it wasn’t big a deal. I’m not sure if I’ll ever come to Hawaii but it would be great to see her again! Monica, if you read this, LET’S MEET AGAIN! If you come to Germany I promise you to pamper you with tons and tons of our great chocolate 😀 (Which I gave to her as a present and she’s craving it the day since) Of course we had to take some purikura. You can’t go to Harajuku and not taking purikura, it just doesn’t work out. (besides, I just dyed my hair pink some days after I met her and we both were so disappointed to not take pictures with my pink hair.. silly bloggers being silly again 😀 )

By the way, it’s super unfair how good she looks in real life, LOL. I felt like a little ugly duck next to her , she looks like she jumped fresh out of a purikura machine, but well… at least I’m taller than her! *makingselffeelbetter* I had a really good time with her, just chatting along the way and buying super important stuff for our wardrobe. Hope to see you again – somewhen, somewhere! (And I hope you don’t mind the purikura here.. if you do.. well, it’s too late! 😀 )

Have you ever met people you have known through the internet? I love meeting new people and altough it’s a bit risky to meet people you’ve only known online so far, I couldn’t tell a single negative experience, so just go for it! You would be surprised which kind of people are behind their online face 😀 If you’re coming to Berlin or something, give me a call!

Until then, have a nice day and enjoy the last days of summer!


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