Juni 7, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I have done a lot of shopping last month (maybe a bit too much, but oh well..) and after I stocked some clothes (because I came to Japan with almost no clothes for obvious reasons that the fashion here is so much more exciting than back home in Germany) I endulged in the happy life of Japanese beauty products! I am a little beauty product addict and if it weren’t for my bank account, there are still a lot products out there that I’d love to buy and try out.
I didn’t plan to make this post but somehow realized that I did buy quite some beauty related products; so instead of scattering them in chronological posts I figured I’d rather dedicate a single post to the items I bought since a lot of my readers are especiall interested in Asian skin care and beauty products. So here we go! 🙂

La Diamond Glam Shine Nail Polish in #34 Sulley, 640 Yen

Here you have my favorite product of this months beauty range! I am a huge fan of glitter polishes (if you didn’t recognize already..) and I bought this one because the combination of green + purple reminded me of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion which I’m a big fan of 😀  Also, I generally love green and purple together. This nail polish is insanely good; with two coats its almost fully opaque with glitter; will show you in another post soon. I love the brand „La Diamond“ which specializes on products with glitter. Unfortunately I only know two stores which sell the brand, one being the B2 Parco at Shibuya 109. (I reviewed one of the La Diamond glitter eyeliners here)

Revlon Absolute Radiance CC Cream in lightest color #01 Creamy White 1500 Yen / Baby Lips Color in #Sweet Beige 495 Yen / Pa Nail polish PA with purple glitter

Although I got the lightest color, the CC Cream is way too dark for me pale as I am 🙁 I only swatched this so I am thinking about including this in a giveaway I’m planning, I would hate for it to go to waste! Really liked the texture and all, really sad the color doesn’t match my skintone, there were no testers available. Loving the baby lips product range I got this colored version which is really nice, has a good subtle color payoff 🙂 The polish was also featured in my post about the Etude House Help My Finger Topcoat where you can see it in action 😀

Again, just because I really like the clean design.

Skinfood Watery Berry Facial Cream 3200 Yen

I ran out of face cream I did bring from Germany; since I am trusting the brand Skinfood I decided to try one of their face creams. So far I have a really good feeling about this. Will definitely review this item once I have tested it for an appropriate time 🙂

Samples from Skinfood! The brand usually is very generous with samples and gives out specific ones if you ask the staff for a certain product. I am really excited to try out the Black Sugar Mask, wanted to try this one for so long!

This you already know but I wanted to include it for reference; things I got from Etude House this month. Detailed review about the topcoat here. The Aloe mask really helped soothing my skin after a horrible sunburnt and the price of their masks (160 Yen) is also fair I think 🙂

Natural Honey Lip Balm, 490 Yen

Nothing fancy, just my favorite lipbalm! I loved this one last time I was in Japan, but they didn’t have the stick then but a gel-like (lpgloss-ish) texture which was good but my hair kept sticking to my lips which was not that nice. I therefore prefer the stick! This balm consists mainly of honey (therefore heavy honey smell) and I love this. I have very dry lips but they are always soft when I have this at my hands. (btw I just dyed my hair before I took this picture, therefore weird nail color, uhrm.)

From Parco, Shibuya 109: Clearing Tea Tree Mask from Etude House 160 Yen,  Acne Barrier Tester Essence 500 Yen, La Diamond Polish (see above).

This is a test size of an essence called „Acne Barrier“ (6ml, full size 30ml). Everything with „Acne“ printed on it immediately gets my attention in the hopes of finding something that helps my terrible skin. Also, acne treatments are very rare in Japan so I was happy to find a little corner dedicated to acne skin at Parco in Shibuya 109. What I love about this, is, that it comes in a 6ml test size. I hate throwing out a lot of money for essences or serums that maybe won’t even work on my skin so I was very very happy about this. Also, 6ml goes a long way, its a clear watery essence so you don’t need much. Only tested it 2 days but seems very promising. Will definitely report back about this.

That’s everything for this month! I am really excited what I got and that I found some new products to test out. If you are interested in a specific item to review let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading & have a wonderful day!



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