Januar 12, 2014

Hello my dearest,

I hope you’re all doing good! I’m late with this post as well *sigh* but my sickness just threw me off my schedule. Plus I should do university stuff instead blogging but… I love blogging so much! Although everyone has already finished their Christmas posts, I’m that cocky and will give it to you in the middle of January. Yes. Why not. You can never have enough Christmas, right??
So I actually did not get any presents (as you would define it) on Christmas, I got money instead because I wished for it. First, because I was lacking money a lot. Second, most things I wanted I couldn’t get from my family (because they were only available online, or in the US, or…) so I decided to wish for money and have a big After Christmas Shopping Tour with myself! This was a lot of fun and although it was somehow strange that there were no presents on Christmas Eve, I was much more happy afterwards 🙂 So what did I get…? (The Motel Rocks dress was also part of that but I won’t show it again since I posted about it like… four times I guess.)
Z A R A 
G O L D    A C C E S S O I R E S
I was searching for some heavy golden bracelets for a long time and when I saw these I couldn’t resist! I love to wear them all the same time. My favorite is the studded one on top and the one in the middle with the big golden plate attached to it 🙂
W I N T E R   F L U F F Y   P A R K A
I look awful here because I am terribly sick. And I am standing 200m in the air on top of the Cologne Dome. But that’s a story for next post.
I have been eye-ing this parka for over a month but the price tag of 120€ was sth I just didn’t want to spend. On first day of Zara sale (27th of Dec, for those of you who always miss it) I went to Zara and there it waited – discounted, one coat in my size (size S, this coat fits very large! I usually buy M or L with coats.) It’s the perfect parka – the color is gorgeous and changes in light as you can see, it is SO warm and fluffy. Although it wasn’t cheap I love that I got it. Big recommend if you can still get it somewhere!
S I X   C O L L E G E   B A G

Oh I love the color of this bag! I saw this and instantly fell in love. It has the right amount of kitsch, the color screams spring from every corner and the size is just perfect (my laptop fits). There was only one bag left and the staff told me that it was almost sold out so I had to get this bag. <3 For 25€ a pretty good deal if you ask me 🙂

S A M S U N G   D U O S   S M A R T P H O N E

Okay, I did not buy this to be honest. It is my mother’s old phone. As you may or may not know, I had a Blackberry before but I hated it. I only had problems, it was overpriced and I am happy I am finally rid of this crappy phone. Since my mom got herself a new phone she said I could have her old phone – which is this. We swapped phones on Christmas so it feels like a Christmas present to me 🙂 I love this phone! It’s so much better than my old phone. As you can see I couldn’t resist and already made a little decoden case for it ^-^ I wanted to cover the whole case but my whipped cream broke so I only could do the little corner. I kinda like it this way though 🙂

Z A L A N D O    O N L Y    S H E I L A   B L O U S E

I won a Zalando voucher from Finni and didn’t know for a long time what I wanted – but I saw me searching for a simple nice white blouse over and over again until the Zalando voucher came to my mind! I have never ordered from Zalando ever before but I am glad I had the opportunity! It arrived insanely quick after only 2 days after ordering online, item in perfect condition and I love it! It has a very smooth texture, it is actually at a perfect length, the size is perfect and I love the gold details and details on the shoulder ^w^ Cannot wait to wear this for all official events this year at university 🙂

Speaking of university… I have trillion things to do so I really gotta rush now and hope to finish at least something until tomorrow .___.“
Wish you all a happy Sunday!

Lots of love,


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