Beyu Beauty Products, snap of the day and leaving for the sun!

August 4, 2011
Yesterday I bought some new beauty products! Recently, I had not bought anything yet because I have so save money for my stay in Japan.. but I could not resist to buy the nail polish and lipgloss from beloved Beyu cosmetics!

This is the Beyu nail polish in colour 397. Actually I wanted a nail polish similar to the one Eki bought recently, because I found the style so beautiful! Unfortunately, OPI nail polish are not available here in Germany… or, at least, not at the stores I have near. So I found this Beyu one which I also consider rather nice. The colour is not as purple as it shows in the photo. But the glitter particles are just small; the OPI one contains of small and big glitter ones which I consider to look great! <: The nail polish itself is rather fair [as most glitter nail polishes seem to be…] To achieve effect like in the photo you will need 2 or maybe up to 3 layers of the polish :3 Despite the glitter particles the rest of the polish is clear with a very fair pinkish undertone. The glitter is really noticeable but the colour is hard to consider on your nail. I’m rather disappointed with this polish, because I wanted it to be more opaque ;_;

I also layed my hand on these Beyu Heartbreaker Lipgloss! Actually, I bought this one because the package is soooooo nice! It kinda reminded me of the Sailor Moon transformation magic sticks! 😀 I bought the last, kind of orangeish, shade because I only have pink tones at home. The shade also is really fair so it doesn’t really show up on your lip. I especially like the texture! It’s creamy but not that sticky. Also, the lipgloss lasts for quite a long time on your lip even when I was at work! A bit sad the colour is that fair and really doesn’t want to show up <.<“ Beyu cosmetics are on the cheap/medium price side; the nail polish was 5€ and the lipgloss 8€. I like the quality of the products but I would’ve wanted more opacity. (:

Just a little snap of the day I made before leaving for work! Actually it rained rained rained whole time when I went outside T_T And I definitely need to cut my hair, because my bangs are fully grown out. But I’ll have to endure this crap on my head a bit longer because I want to cut my hair short before leaving for Japan! Saving money is all I have to think about! @_@“

Saturday the 6th, my beloved boyfriend and I are leaving for a vacation trip to Fuerteventura! It’s a small island near -and belonging to- Spain <: Because it rained ALL July here in Germany I’m deeply hoping for some sunshine! His mother invited us because we won’t see each other for a long time when I’m in Japan – that’s why she wanted us tgo spend a last holiday together 😀 Sooo kind of her! I’m off now and will be back on August 13th in the night. If you miss me, you can search me there:  (:3)  Have a nice time all of you! ^_^
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