November 26, 2013

Hey my beloved readers,

When you’ll read this post I’ll be back in the Intercity Express on my way from Berlin to Bonn. I’ll board the train at 4:41 AM, and hopefully will arrive at 9:35AM so that I may make it in time for my lesson at 10AM. I have two presentations that day, one in Japanese at 12 and one in German about homelessness in Japan at 2PM. This will be the most stressful day in a loooong time. But since my bf only has work off at Sunday and Monday I really couldn’t go back on Monday, I want us to have another (half) night sleeping in the same bed.

Since I really really need to do sth for the presentations (oh, and I have to learn Korean as well, there’ll be a test at 4PM……..) this will be just a super super quick post about my week in Berlin! I didn’t do anything special, just tried to meet as many friends as possible in a short amount of time 🙂

I arrived Tuesday 10PM at the airport, my grandma picked me up with lots of food and drove me right to my bf’s place, he was sooo happy to see me! He is not someone who is an open book when it comes to feelings but I def. recognized how happy he was. He also bought DVD’s to watch and a lot of my favorite foods, awesome!
On Wednesday, I went to the hairdresser, I now have a dark pinkish red ombre which fades to a warm blonde something, I’ll get it to a real blonde color somewhen but I didn’t want to murder my hair with bleach so only did the red part :3 I really like the colors! I had dinner at my mom’s place and afterwards we want to watch The Lord of the Dance Irish dancing show which was the reason I went to Berlin – tickets were 75€ and it would be too sad if I couldn’t go it was her birthday present! The show was really really awesome, I ‚m glad I went!
On Thursday, I met with my former roommate from Japan, Pachi!! I always enjoy hanging out with her ^____^ We had coffee and cake at her place, later met with some friends from university in an Irish Pub. It was a good night.
On Friday, my friends Winnie + Jacky came over to my place and we made awesome lasagna and just spend some time together, nothing fancy really. Winnie and I got loads of snacks and played Super Mario until my bf came from work.
On Saturday, I went to my bf’s working place to get some free food and do some shopping. Afterwards I was in charge (as every year) of the Christmas decoration of the whole store (and it’s hugeee) but we finished in two hours, so my bf and I had some time to spend together 🙂 Oh and I also had champagne with his mom, all the male employees got beer so I thought it would be only fair for the girls to get some champagne at least.
On Sunday and Monday, my bf had some time off from work and we spend these two days together making delicious Christmas cookies, watching DVD’S, getting some food etc. It was just really awesome and I am sad that I need to go again. I’m sorry sweetheart. At least I’ll be back in 3 weeks for Christmas! ^w^
This week in Bonn will be suuuuperpacked, I may not be able to blog before next week :/ Hope y’all doing good have a great time!
Lots of love,

P.S. I’m sorry for all the typos and that I used „awesome“ like thirty times.
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