Dezember 2, 2013

Hey my lovely ones,

Wow, this weekend has been crazy! I had an academical symposium about German and Japanese film from Late Friday until late Sunday and wow, it was just a lot. I really liked it but it’s sad that I didn’t have any weekend, I’m writing this and will head to university right afterwards!  It was the very first time for me attending a symposium for my expertise, which is Japanese Studies. There were a lot of great people from Waseda and Yale University and it was kinda intimidating since they were all professors and we just little students. I took together all my courage though and asked a question (when there are sitting all these experts you don’t wanna just ask a simple, boring question..). This may sound strange but it took me a lot of courage to do so because I didn’t want to embarrass myself but my question was accepted, I got a nice answer and my teacher afterwards congratulated me to my courage because he said he too as a student was too shy to do so and we should practice as soon as we can. Although it was a lot of work and still is (I have to write a report of my impression in Japanese on this symposium which will be send to all these erai professors.. 4 pages done, 4 more to go.) I am greatful for the experience and I am eager to attend as many as I can because I kinda can see myself taking the academic path after I finished my master’s course. But on to a completely different topic….

I have a serious first world problem. Like, it doesn’t get anymore first worldly like this. I have won a Zalando voucher via a giveaway from lovely Jenni and I have no idea how to spend it. Like, there are so many possibilities! So many choices to make! I am really bad when it comes to vouchers. I usually never find anything when I have a voucher or when it’s sale time. I usually only like the newest stuff which is super expensive at that time so yeah… screw me.

When I tried to look at Zalando’s website I was extremely overwhelmed and had no idea where to go, it was just too much of everything! (BTW, same happened when I first went to Japan and almost didn’t buy anything – it was just way too much that I couldn’t orientate myself in the masses of products.) I then narrowed it down to certain brands or products and it made my search much easier. I am still absolutely not decided on what I should get but I thought I will share my favorites so far with you! 🙂 
I was really happy to find Iron Fist on Zalando’s webpage because I think they have an amazing concept. Unfortunately all their items are quite expensive so maybe the voucher would be the time to spend it..? I also really do love that big weekender bag but I am not quite sure if I will use it as much as I hope. To be honest, I am a bit in love with the two zombie boots and might get a pair. I mean, it’s winter here in Germany already and you can’t go wrong with a pair of boots.
Of course, I could get a Superdry hoodie instead because I wanted one for so long. Or a hoodie from Naketano which usually is also too expensive.
Or I could totally get an outfit for Christmas or New Year’s Eve!  As you can see, I am still not decided and I will wait until I find that one item I cannot live without. Until then, I am really grateful that I got to be so lucky and be the winner, thank you again Jenni (&Zalando :D)! I’ll let you know if and when I decided on something ;D So far, I have to be strong being spoilt for choices. Let me know if anyone has a good recommendation when it comes to Zalando, any favorite brands? 🙂
Lots of love,
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