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September 9, 2012

Good morning cats & dogs,

I did it! I CUT MY HAIR!  I have to say; the last years were my years of my most boring hairstyles. In my teenage years, I changed my hair completely every 1 or 2 months. I dyed my hair blue, green, pink, purple and everything together. I had medium length, short and very short. But I never had long hair (maybe when I was six, but that doesn’t really count.) So when I was 18, after a horrible shortcut I had which absolutely DID NOT suit the shape of my face, I made the decision to grow my hair long. Of course none of my friends would believe me – in the end I even beat my cousin when it came to the length. The last weeks, my hair even reached my navel! I felt like a hippie, lol.
And somehow, I didn’t really like my long hair anymore. It had no shape at all, way too many layers, too many color shades in it (basically everything from blonde to dark red) and it was heavy. For my work at Starbucks I always have to make an up-do for hygienic reasons and let me tell you – with such long hair, a bun reeeaaaalllyyy hurts after some hours. So basically I was really annoyed and it wasn’t very practical at all. In just so many ways. So, when I let my hair cut yesterday the only thing I felt was – relief. It wouldn’t take me half an hour to rinse out my shampoo and another hour to let my hair dry – not to speak of styling it. (That’s another thing, styling takes soooo long with that kind of hair! It’s so annoying.) Haha, when reading this I guess you can pretty good tell it certainly was a good thing to get rid of it since I was so annoyed with the whole situation. I love how hair can change a person completely – and that’s what I did! Take a look:
The shade is a bit lighter than in these pictures; it’s a really warm and light copper-blonde / ginger shade. I love ginger!! I had this color soooo often but never as light as it is know. I cut more than 30 cm of hair I guess :’D

The proof! Don’t let the picture fool you with the two shades looking kinda similar, it’s a huge difference in real life. I hate how my camera always changes my shade of hair color in every picture :/

I don’t know why my pictures are kinda blurry, I guess I should clean my lens… :’D Since I was so annoyed with the hundreds of layers I had I decided for a simple cut with the overall same length. I only have tiny layers at my ends to contour my face a bit. I actually looove having a real „hairstyle“ and cut again after the undefined long hair.
My boyfriend’s only concern was that I could get bangs again – because he hates bangs, always, on everyone. Not that I care.. I honestly enjoy the new freedom I gained and I feel just like it was the time for a cut. Carrying all that hair through Japan and coming back with the same just didn’t feel right! :3 I love how easy this cut is to style and how sleek it looks.
What do you think? Do you like the new cut? Are you experimenting with your hair or rather sticking to the same style day in and out? I would love to know! Oh and like I mentioned above I had like zillions of hairstyles already.. would you like to see it? If so, I’d prepare a post with my teenage-haircutdye-history! 😀  Thank you for taking the time + reading this blog, it’s very much appreciated <3
Have a good day and keep on rocking! Love & See you next time,
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