Being on the run (Outfit #4 + #5)

September 14, 2012

Good morning early birds,

This post is scheduled beforehand because I’ll have my first working days this Saturday – Monday and probably won’t have so much time for blogging and replying comments, I’m sorry! I’ll reply as fast as I can 🙂

I wanted to post these outfit shots a bit earlier actually but then I decided my new hairstyle absolutely couldn’t wait any longer so, yeah… these outfits are from 1 – 2 weeks ago when I was on the go in Berlin with my cousin (#4) and my mother (#5). I think these two outfits describe my style really good: it’s totally random. What I wear is a very emotional decision for me and since I am an emotional wreck from time to time I guess it’s the reason why my outfits turn out so different. Plus, I get bored easily. That’s why I need studs and leather today and floral patterns with a soft pink tomorrow. I can’t decide on a single „style“ and I don’t want to. Plus, it never gets boring for my readers. Even if you don’t like it I could look totally different tomorrow! 😀 
Outfit #4
Tube scarf: Gina Tricot, shirt: H&M, top: H&M; high-waisted black pants: Gina Tricot, bag: Esprit.

My cousin Jacky took that picture and I have to say, she’s a natural! I said to her it would be cool if we could do an outfit picture for my blog and she was like „Of course! Let’s do it right here! The background’s just sooo Berlin.“ I love how these turned out, so THANK YOU JACKY <3 (I know you read this.)
I have to say I reeeeaaally love this tube scarf I found at Gina Tricot. The print is just love in itself and it’s super fluffy and warm. You have to know that I am a scarf horder, I have like 30+. Every autumn/winter I find new ones, you can never have enough scarves! Originally, I wore this outfit because I thought I would have to work tomorrow, the black pants + black shoes are actually my working clothes, I’m still waiting for a drawer at work for my clothes. This was the first day I spent together with my cousin alone after I left for Japan; we went shopping to find her some shoes and sat in a coffee shop to practise endless chatting.
A week later, I went out with my mother to the optician. In Japan, sitting at the very end of the room, I realized that my eyes were weak and it was hard to read sometimes. Therefore, I would need some light glasses. I have to say I don’t mind this at all because I FREAKING LOVE GLASSES. And I only need them sometimes since my prescription is really low (-0.75 and -0,5, my friends are laughing about this. They all have glasses for so long now.) The glasses I got are sooo nice! I’ll show them as soon as I get them. I wanted my mother to take some pictures from me but to be honest, I didn’t expect much since she doesn’t really know how to handly my camera. But…
Outfit #5
Dress: random store in Japan, blazer: H&M

I love how these pictures turned out, YOU ARE GREAT MOM! She also chose the background and it looks really nice together with the dress, I’m so proud of my Mommy :’D The dress is one of my favorite dresses of all time; I bought it in some random store in Japan I can’t remember and they had only shit but THIS dress. In general I am not a huge fan of floral patterns and flowers but I loved this bright colored dress so much. You probably already saw it on my birthday :3 The blazer I am wearing is my goes-with-everything-blazer of all time. If I’m wearing a blazer, 80% it’s this one. I got it on sale at H&M years ago for 10$ and it’s still in best shape. I decorated it with some buttons a friend got me in London (first picture). I know it’s nothing special to show off but it’s something I wear often. I try to make the next outfit post a bit more exciting :> Oh and btw if you should be confused; this will be the last post with my old hair! 😀

Is there anything you would like to see me wearing? Or is there anything you would never ever dare to wear? I would love to know! Please share in the comments if you like 🙂
Thanks for reading + have a kickass‘ day! See you next time,
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