Mai 20, 2013

Hay my precious readers!

Something really nice happened last week and I thought it might be worth the share 🙂 As you all know, I am working at the Oh-so-famous coffeeshop with the big green symbol as a barista. (I don’t even like coffee, but that’s okay, I just pretend I know what everyone is talking about. I’m the only one using the teabags we have at work…)

Usually, we can decide on our own who we charge for coffee and who gets his/her drink for free. For example, we have a lot of customers who come on a daily basis (since I’m working at the central station) and daily customers don’t have to pay, at least at our store. Instead of payment we receive tip instead! 😀 Win-win situation, you might say. People who work at the central station too (there are lots of stores) don’t get their coffee for free automatically but I always decide that for myself, depending on how the person approaches me. If somebody’s like „Oh, I work here, therefore I should not pay for my coffee!“ they have to pay. Please, I’m still queen of the cash, I decide who gets his coffee for free, tse! 
Erm, back to main story. So there was this girl working at Douglas central station who recently started buying her coffee at our store. She was always super sweet and polite, and somehow she always came when I was at the cash so I never charged her anything and just got her the coffee for free because I liked her. It’s no big deal, we don’t have to pay out of our own pockets. She always was super happy about the free coffee and I just enjoyed her enjoyment.
But then, a week later, I came at work and my colleagues said that the girl from Douglas gave in something for me. I was surprised but I thought she might have got me some sample perfume or anything small. But when I looked into the bag…..
Sorry for blurry picture, somehow my camera didn’t want to work…
O_O I really couldn’t believe my eyes! She gave me a Jimmy Choo makeup pouch with two fullsize products and a sample size Dior face cream! Wow, I never expected that! I didn’t met her since then so I couldn’t thank her and say how extremely happy I was about that! 🙁 Thank you, anonymous Douglas girl! Soooo amazing. Really. Some nice people still live in this world, faith in humanity a little bit restored.
I tried the body lotion but I don’t really like the scent so I won’t make a review for that. It’s just another body lotion. I might use it up but wouldn’t buy again because it has a really strong flowery scent that I am not overwhelmed by.  I do intend to make a review for the Soap&Glory „Glow Job“ Moisturizer which is a thing between facial cream and fake tan. Will try this on vacation! Think you can’t apply it over make-up so vacation’s best time to try out 🙂 I always wanted to try out any of the Soap&Glory products and now even got one for free ^___^ -eek-
However, I want to share my thoughts about the Dior Hydra Life Moisturizer! I never ever ever ever had a product from Dior, I was so excited when I saw this! It looks quite small but you have to bear in mind that this sample size is 5ml, while full size is 30ml. So it’s already 1/6 of the real deal!
The cream itself has a light mint green color which I really like. IT SMELLS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. I have no idea what it exactly smells like but this is the best-smelling moisturizer I ever had. It has a very light texture and melts into your skin. It doesn’t leave anything on your skin and gets absorbed really well. 
I can’t say that much for moisturizing part because my face was never dry and I have the feeling I don’t desperately need a moisturizer though I always use one. I would say it’s an average moisturizer, not too heavy and not too light. My skin feels extremely soft after using this <3
I like this moisturizer so much I really consider to buy the fullsize product although it would be about 50€ I guess…. but wow, my skin is as soft as it never has been before, my skin doesn’t break out when using this and it smells like angels and heaven. Although the sample size is very small I already use it for a week and I’m pretty sure it will last at least another week, maybe even too if I don’t overuse it. Another thing I like – You don’t need much product, a tiny amount of the cream is enough to cover your whole face 🙂
Altogether, I would really recommend to buy this product! I just wish it would be a bit more affordable… but I guess quality comes with a price. I’ll let you know if I bought this in fullsize or not, I am still thinking about if it’s worth it or not >< But oh, I’m kinda in love…
Hope you found this review helpful and I’ll make sure to also review the Soap&Glory „Glowjob“! 🙂 Have a nice week everyone!
Lots of love & Talk to you all soon <3

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