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September 27, 2012

Happy windy autumn day to all of you not living in the South!

This is a pre-scheduled post while I am in London, so answers to your comments will take me a bit longer than usual, I’m sorry! I’ll come back to you as fast as I can 🙂

When you live in Europe like me, or in a country that is not all summer and warm the whole year, you are probably already freaking out about your wardrobe for the colder months – like me. The thing in Germany is, that the autumn and winter are getting colder each year and they last longer. It’s mostly really cold from October to March (April if we ran out of luck.) I am always freezing, no matter how many layers I throw over myself, but every year I try to hoard es many warm clothes as I can get. The first months, I am trying to be fashionable and warm. Unfortunately I have to give up in January/February when it becomes – 20 degrees in Berlin.I hated the hot summer heat in Jaoan but I really can’t stand the German cold either.
I bet most of you already heard of it, still I wanted to share with you my opinion about the online shop I haven’t purchased anything yet but it’s only a matter of time now. If you are a first time customer you get 20% off your first order and shipping is free also! That’s especially a relief for all Europeans since shipping fees can get extraordinary expensive from overseas to anywhere in Europe. I collected my most-wanted items to share with you! :3
wOh, how I love blazers. Seriously, I only own three so far but I wear them ALL THE TIME. I think no matter what you wear, a blazer always adds some sophistication to your outfit. To be honest, I had a DIY Studded Black Blazer project in mind, but when I found #5 online, I really thought about buying this blazer instead. It’s around 50$ and a normal blazer would cost me 20$ and the studs 10-20$ depending how much I want, so… I’m really thinking about it. Plus, I love that it has a zipper! And it’s asymmetrical..
I also especially fell in love with these boots, oh my. I’ve never seen similar boots before somewhere else and the bullet detail just had me from the first second. For the cross jumper and the studded cap, I’ve seen these two things A LOT at Lookbook. So I’m not sure if I wanna have it when all Lookbook hipsters already have it ajdkfjape fuck individuality. What I also fell in love with is #8, the black coat. I have a black coat for winter, and my red lolita coat from last year, but.. I love this coat!! It looks like a female version of the coat that Bane from Batman wore, LOL. But it’s about 150$.. if I only knew how thick it was. Although it looks pretty thick. Well, not sure. Maybe I find something similar in Berlin if I dig deep enough 😀
What do you think of my picks? Have you ever purchased anything from Romwe’s online shop? It would be really nice to know if anybody could tell me about their product’s quality before purchasing. Oh, and I have to see how much money I’ll have left after my shopping trip to London. I definitely need to work more! :<
Have a good day everybody & much much love!
P.S. I am not affiliated in any way with this shop and I didn’t get paid to write this post. I just freaking love these clothes.
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