August: Summer Favorites!

August 15, 2015

Hi There!

I’m not sure about where you live but here in Germany, August is almost unbearably hot – we’re really not used to this (still way better than summer in Japan though!). Special weather circumstances always demand special attention to skincare so I’d thought I’d share my favorite things from (okay, mainly July) and August.
Already a year ago I discovered my unconditional love for Shu Uemura cleanisng oils – the green anti oxi version is my favorite so far! I love that it is very liquidy, doesn’t feel heavy or greasy and is very easy to work with. The scent is barely there and leaves a fresh impression – I’m definitely purchasing a big bottle next time I’ll travel to Japan.

My cousin picked up this lipstick for my birthday last month and she picked the best shade for me! This is my very first Zoeva lipstick but I’m carrying it everywhere I go. While the deep burgundy red isn’t exactly a summer shade, the metallic packaging with a magnetic closing mechanism feels very high-end and the color and wear are great which made this one of my most beloved lipsticks at the speed of light.

Fossil BQ1073 Watch
This watch was part of my April wishlist and I don’t regret that I got it – the design fills me with joy every day and the warm rosegold shade fits perfectly into summer. I have wanted this watch for two or three years and I am so happy that I finally got it! My two watches from Fossil are great quality products and I didn’t have a single issue with these watches so far.
This is hands down one of the greatest moisturizing products I have tried in a very long time. While it does sink in quite fast with a lovely (Su:m37-esque, if you ask me) scent, it does something with my skin that I can’t describe. I used this as the only skincare product when I got home tired from a night of partying and what can I see? The usual after-drink breakout was completely averted! Needless to say, this is now a trusted staple in my skincare routine.
In case I didn’t rave enough about this already (review here), let me give you a short rundown on why this is my most beloved foundation for the past months: Blurs out pores like no other base make-up product, very high yet natural coverage, makes me look flawless, dewy finish. Love. So. Much.
My lovely friend Moi Sanom was so generous to give me her leftovers from a Wishtrend order she did quite a while ago and let me try this AHA gel that she recommended to me, and what can I say? After very bad experiences with the AHA’s from Mizon and COSRX (both broke me out in whiteheads and cystic acne) it seems as if I finally found the one! I have been only using this for 2 weeks, but my skin texture has already improved so much! This feels very gentle, no itching, no dryness, no nothing. Just the softest skin ever the next morning. Detailed review will follow soon!
I am already sad that I will probably run out soon of this essence; the scent is absolutely to die for and it was boosting the fading of my hyperpigmentation quite a bit! I am definitely hooked on Banila Co now and am very excited to try some other things from their different lines sometime soon! 
Have any favorites lately to share with me? Have you tried any of these products? 🙂
Lots of love,
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