Astor Volume Diva Mascara

Juli 7, 2011
Today I wanted to share my experience about the Astor Volume Diva Mascara Waterproof (which actually is the silver one and not pink.. but I could not get my hands on an appropriate photo of the silver one.) I bought this mascara actually because it looked so nice – shame on me! u_u“ I’m hating that the marketing kinda seduced me to buy this mascara <_<“ So as you may have noticed the design is really nice, I especially liked the ornaments around.. BUT! this is the only positive fact about this mascara. Maybe my expectations were too high, because I’m using the same mascara for years now (it’s the Maybelline Jade Collosal‘ Volume Waterproof) and trying another was really an adventure for me.
But unfortunately I have to say that I cannot recommend to buy this. I bowed my eyelashes up and when I put the mascara on, my bowed eyelashes just „fell“ down?! I never experienced this with another mascara, so maybe the formula is too heavy like I don’t know.. I was really shocked. Furthermore, my eyelashes were clotted with little mascara „balls“ and it was not even able to divide my lashes in a normal way. So it looked really messy and my eyelashes seemed to be very short and thick which is not pretty I’d say. I tried different times but always the same result – so I gave it to my mum who does not really care about xD So girls, be aware of the nice packaging, it’s really not worth buying. The mascara cost around 12$ and comes in 4 different versions (black, silver, pink and golden).
When my exams are over on Tuesday I really aim for making new photos or maybe reviewing something of my decoden stuff if someone is interested in this :3 Btw; I’m vierwing the girl’s world soccer championship nearly everyday, what about you? I never really cared but this year the championship is in Germany and in Germany it does not matter what is the reason.. as long as there is something to party! xD  So nearly everyone views the girl’s plays although nobody was interested in women soccer before. Saturday, it’s Germany against Japan and I’m noooot quite sure which side I should take 😡
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