April Wishlist: Lilac & Roségold Edition.

April 16, 2015

Hey there!

I am currently so so stressed; I started a part-time job which is nice but they let me do short shifts 3-4 times a week which is not how I thought it would be. Will probably only do this for 2 months and try to get another job with less shifts but longer work hours instead, it sucks a lot of time out of my schedule to just go there for 3 hours almost every day (u_u) But for now, I am of course happy to have a regular income – I was completely panicking when I ran out of my scholarship slowly.
On another note, the date for my interim audit with my Japanese professor has been scheduled for next week Wednesday and you probably won’t hear anything from me until then – I have to prepare and nail this because I don’t want to disappoint my professor. I am so nervous! My professor is kind of strict so I’m afraid he will shred my thesis to pieces. Sigh. I’m a sensitive soul, guys.
Since I didn’t want to be completely silent for over a week, I compiled this quick April Wishlist – I actually haven’t done a wishlist post in months! (probably…. because I was unemployed, ha.) But I personally love to do and also read this kind of posts – I’m always curious to see what other bloggers are lusting over at the moment 🙂 

 1  NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette – Have seen this little guy all over some of my favorite beauty youtubers and as a newbie in contouring, I’d love to have an inexpensive palette with different shades to pick from – comtouring isn’t really a thing in Germany hence there are almost no palettes available that are under 50$! :/ (If anyone knows anything – let me know! 🙂 I have some wonderful readers who sometimes send me links to great deals they have seen – looking at you Doreen! )
 2  Etude House Princess Happy Ending Precious Mineral BB Cream – as I am still on the hunt for my HG BB cream/cushion (after I discovered the IOPE clogs my pores..) I have tried a sample of this mineral BB cream at home – it was a bit too dark but otherwise I really liked it, so I got the snow white edition (which is the same BB cream just in a prettier packaging) in the lightest shade from Ebay a few days ago.
 3  Grafea San Francisco Leather Satchel – I mean, do I have to say anything? I am a big sucker for leather satchels already, but pastel lilac combined with a retro floral pattern? INSTANT LOVE. If only this wasn’t 150 pounds I’d order it in a heartbeat…
 4  Fossil BQ1073 – I was lusting over this watch for the longest time ever and the picture totally doesn’t do it justice at all. I have this watch in silver and grey but actually always wanted the rosegold version too – there is something about rosegold jewelry that I absolutely adore – probably their timeles elegance without being too in your face (such as plain gold). This watch doesn’t seem to be in Fossil’s main collection anymore but can still be found on Ebay, in some physical Fossil stores as well as outlet centers.
 5  Lalavesi Akma Skull Cushion – I have heard so many great things about this cushion and the packaging just seals the deal for me, I will definitely try this cushion out somewhen and I will definitely buy a case for it this time! 😀 Holographic skulls in a rosegold case is what my dreams are made of.
 6  Chsoungah22 Flavorful Henna Lips Sso Violet – You might have noticed, I have a weak spot for violet lipcolors. Although I do like the nude lippies I have, I am going crazy over any cold dark violet or reds, ah.  My good friend Moi Sanom discovered this and had to think of me – I might get this when we plan our next haul from Korea together. (might? who am I kidding, really….. 😀 )
 7  Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks – these are only on my April wishlist because I’m dying to try these since they launched in February but still haven’t had a chance to put my hands on them – a friend of mine who went to New York tried to get them for me, but all the colors I wanted were sold out 🙁 I have been tempted to order them from the US but 17,95$ shipping for something that weighs ~4grams….. I don’t know. I couldn’t do it. They have a lot of really pretty colors though and the matte formula is something I def. would love to try out!
…what are you lusting over at the moment?
Lots of love,
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