Dezember 9, 2013

Hi my dearest readers,

How are you in the midst of December? Is it snowing yet at your place? I am pretty happy here in Bonn because the winter so far is mild but my friends from Berlin are all talking about storms and snow and muddy weather. When the cold season is about to arrive, my feeling is all about F L U F F Y N E S S. I am automatically drawn to everything in the mall which has fur on it. I think I have a little trauma because the winter the last three years were pretty bad in Berlin, it turned minus 20°C for WEEKS! So I think my fluffyness-love is just a mean to survive in the cold of Germany xD Oh how nice and mild the winter in Japan was…. and what a shame that I will be in superextremely hot Japan in summer and supercold Korea in winter. (Who made that plan??) Anyway, I’m not in a place to complain of course ;D
Sooo I just realized that I bought a lot of fluffy stuff lately to survive the German winter and thought it was worth a share :3 Coming up: Most fluffiness you can imagine!
My newest slippers! (Although in no slipper-shape.. couldn’t find a better vocab for that. Maybe homeboots? 😀 ) I have ALWAYS cold feet, even with thick socks on, its one of the perks being a girl with super low blood pressure I guess. These shoes were a gift for my boyfriends mom and these are just perfect. So fluffy. It’s like walking on clouds! I freaking looove them, I would even sleep in those *__* She knew that my apartment here in Bonn is kinda cold so she picked those up for me at the store ^__^
New handshoes from Desigual with lambwool! I have to ride the bicycle to the station everyday here in Bonn, so my mom was really worried about my hands (who are very cold as my feet as well, usually…) and since I lost her lambwool handshoes two years ago (sorry mom .__________.) I looove the design of those and they are just really really warm. They were 30€ and I highly recommend them since I never had freezing fingers on my bike again (:
Inspired from the slippers I just got I really wanted some UGG-Boot-ish shoes although I would never buy the real deal for like, 250$? That’s just crazy, I rather stick to all those knock-offs, thank you. I saw those at Deichmann and was immediately in love. They have integrated legwarmers and are completely made out of fur inside so these are extremely warm and comfortable! I searched for a different color but they only had black – which might be good since most of my clothes are black anyways. They are quite large so I needed to buy a size smaller than I usually would. So far it is still too mild in Bonn to wear these but I will definitely wear those when I’ll return to Berlin for Christmas 🙂 
I think these are perfect for flights since you can easily slip in and out and I’m always cold on airplanes… so maybe I should wear those in March flying to Japan again although I might receive a heatstroke as soon as I set foot on Japan xD Soo I think I’m well prepared even for the German winter! Hope you’re prepared as well or if not I hope you live on a way more warm place than I do 😉 Wish you all a happy start into the week!
Lots of love,
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