Review Policy

R E V I E W  P O L I C Y

This blog is dedicated to a lot of different topics – my various studies abroad, living in Japan and Korea or topics that I personally feel the need to talk about. However, a lot of the content you see here are reviews, mostly conducted about Korean or Japanese skincare (although this is mostly because I spend a lot of time in Asia; I am always open to try other things!). Below I’ll list my review policy – how I review every item to ensure reliability and transparency for my readers.

1. Only one item is tested at once for a review. So in case I do get a reaction -good or bad- I can trace down the source of it and evaluate the product better.

2. Depending on the type of product, I do test it for at least 5-10 times (for face masks or weekly treatments, exfoliators etc.), 2-4 weeks (moisturizers, toners, essences etc.) or even a lot longer (1 month – up to whenever I feel confident to talk about it, mostly applies to facial serums or acne treatments.)

3. All products are purchased by my own money. If the item was provided for review by a company, it will be clearly indicated in the post.

4. If possible, I’ll always enclose a list of ingredients for the product to be reviewed in English (starting from August, 2014.)

5. If possible, I’ll always provide proof in terms of pictures about how the product works and what kind of effect it had on my skin instead of only stating that „it worked amazing“.


This blog contains affiliate links, which means that colorcrrush will receive support in form of a small commission if you make a purchase using the provided links. Posts that contain affiliate links will always be marked as such. As of June 2015, makes use of affiliate relationships with ibuybeauti.

The use of sponsored products from time to time makes it able to provide to my readers a variety of contents. However, all products are reviewed according to my review policy and all opinions are entirely my own. It is always disclosed if a product I review is a sponsored article or not.