About me

S A M  M U R A K A M I

Hi there! I’m Sam, freshly entered the 30s club, instructional designer, freelance illustrator and rainbow girl from Berlin. I make art, travel and conquer the world one rainbow at a time. Here you’ll find me blogging about my life, my art journey, Japan (where I lived several years and still often visit) and everything else in between. I want this to be a secure place for anyone to connect.

Based upon this belief, I created colorcrrush.com for a more colorful world – this originally started as a German beauty blog, conducted in English, in 2012(ish). You can still find lots of reviews about Kbeauty and my acne journey on here, but it is not the main focus of this blog anymore.

For any questions, inquiries or partnership opportunities please contact me at colorcrrush [at] outlook.comHave a nice day!

P A S T   &   P R E S E N T   C O O P E R A T I O N S