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Juni 14, 2012
So.. today is June the 14th and this date is one of the most important dates to myself (right after my birthday on 3rd July maybe! 😀 ). It’s the day when I met my first & until now only boyfriend Niko; we are now together for 5 years! Wow, thats half a century!! And we are still like silly teenagers who’ve just fallen in love recently with each other. I expected my abroad studies to be incredibly hard since we even lived together when he moved out into an own apartment. I have to say, it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. I do miss him and I do need to be hugged and cuddled everyday so I am short before a heartstroke due to acute cuddle lacking BUT somehow I managed quite well! I guess it just goes that well because we are together for such a long time now. If we were only together for a year, I guess we wouldn’t have overcome this. When I think back, I changed so much! I was a super fragile selfish mess when I met him with a lot of trust issues and sometimes really an aweful person. He kinda raised me into that self-confident woman I am to date and I really need to thank him with all my heart for that! ♥
Christmas party at his parent’s company 2010 :3
We are really like fire and water. He is extremely calm, mature and earnest. I am pure chaos, loud and unstable but somehow, that goes together quite well! We never had a fight in these 5 years and I hope we can keep that trend 😀 I think that is because we game so much together we simply have no time to fight because we need to do that quest RIGHT NOW! 😀 I do miss him a lot and I am super happy to finally be a *real* couple again in August! I am thankful that he supported me even though I „left“ him alone for a year back in Berlin, I guess I wouldn’t have been that selfless. He’s my rock and I am glad to have him by my side! I am highly optimistic that we will even reach the full century 😀
And because half a century is really special (especially in our age, lol!) I think you deserve a

First picture EVERRR! My birthday when I turned 18 <:

His birthday when he turned 18 (I am the older + more powerful one, you see? Haha :D)

First journey together to Spain one year later :3

Keep on reading, there are not as many pictures coming as you might think!

 My hair goes back to „normal“ and grows longer :3

 We graduated together when we were 19 :’D (This was also my 20th birthday)

 Paintint the walls when he moved into his own apartment shortly after

 We went together to Tokyo in March 2010 when we were 21

Last picture we took together at our trip to Fuerteventura shortly before I left for Japan one year ago.
….are you bored yet?!?! 😀 Okay I have hundreds of pictures but these were the only ones I could find online since all the other pictures are on my real computer in Berlin, so lucky for you I have to stop here, harhar. I’ll be home in exact 2 months (August 14th) but since 2 months are not that long I can enjoy the time and be excited to see him again at the same time. Oh and there is another anniversary coming up next month, so stay prepared for that. Hope I didn’t bore the hell out of you with my personal (actual only virtual) love life 😀 Happy 14th for everybody!

Until next time,

– Sam.

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