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April 8, 2012
I’m lacking in posts again T__T Reason is that I always first blog on my blog in German where I blog about my life in Japan for my friends and family 😡 And after writing these posts which are usually reallyyy long I don’t have enough words left for this little one >< But I’m trying to!
University started Wednesday although I didn’t have any classes until now. I’m now in the first class (always imagining luxury airplanes when spelling it out) of all the Japanese classes here aaaand the great thing is: Now I am allowed to take regular classes at my faculty here in Japan. That means, I don’t just have grammar or pronounciation class, but I have regular classes for the actual bachelor I’m in. I’ll def. take a class about modern Japanese literature, ‚cause that was my focus back in Germany. I’m just in love with literature. Same goes for media (excluding film, I’m not the fondest viewer of films) but they don’t have something related to Japan, so literature it’ll be. I can take every class I want (physics, media, history doesn’t matter, quite different from Berlin) but I’ll take the ones suited for my bachelor of course (: I’m thrilled and so excited if it’ll be too difficult for me whose def. so far away from being mother tongue in Japanese. But I’ll try, wish me luck (or strength, maybe)! 😀
Totally unrelated to that; I wanted to share my first experience of Odaiba with you guys! I’ve heard so much and seen so much about that place in films and manga (famous dating spot!!) but I didn’t manage to get there when I was in Tokyo in 2009 with Niko. So when I stayed with my friend Susann from Berlin in Tokyo the last weeks we managed to go to Odaiba and it was such a perfect day! Weather was nice and it was just such a chillin‘ day. You know these day’s when you’re just lucky with no particular reason? Well, that was such a day. We ran around randomly, rode the ferriswheel (of course!!), had fun at the shopping center and visited the famous sightseeing spots. Take a look for yourself (took most of the sightseeing pictures right out of the train, great opportunity for taking pictures because they have huuuuuge windows!):
Right out of the train, you can see where the train’ll go on the right side. Like that you’re kinda riding over Tokyo (:

The Imperial Palace is right somewhere between the woods 😡

Tokyo Bay
Rainbow Bridge! It’s name because in the dark they color it rainbowish with lights (:

They’re building a new Gundam Café and a new shopping center which’s opening is April, 16th.

With my beloved ones left and right ^_^

Following pictures are taking out of the ferriswheel at night (:

Odaiba @ night
Parts of Tokyo @ night

It looks like this when my hand’s not shaking….

and like THIS when my hand is even a little tiny bit shaking. :<

We had Omu-rice for lunch, I LOVE that dish ^-^
There was also another thing that made me so happy about Odaiba…. we found a Purikura machine with which one can take GLITTER purikura! THEY ARE FUCKIN‘ SPARKLING! Maybe that’s not a great deal for you but there’s a bigger story behind it:
When I came to Tokyo the first time and took Purikura for the first time in my life, there were glitter stamps all over my pictures and I was like: *_____* I took it for granted but had to learn soon that glitter purikura are the great exceptions and normal purikura do not sparkle. Much more worse, I never found a machine with glitter stamps ever again. *saying this in a very horrendous voice*
Soooo I spent the first half year of my studies to find glitter machines XD AND! Finally! In Odaiba! I found one by chance! When we realized they had glitter stamps we did it once again right away to literally BOMB our pictures with the glitter stuff :’D I tried to take a picture but it’s kinda impossible for me.. :/ There is much much more on them, you get blinded when seeing these pictures in real life xD
If you’re in Japan and interested, the machine’s name is S.E.L.C. (;
I also wanted to share a current song I really like although it’s kinda cheesy.. but the PV is just the most heartbreaking I’ve ever seen! Should’ve a movie adaption 😀

It’s about precious people and caring for them. The video describes a world full of hate where the little girl is the only human being remaining :<

Oh and be prepared for next week maybe, ‚cause I plan a huge Sakura post. Sakura is currently blooming in Japan and it’s freakin‘ beautiful. Going to my third hanami tomorrow and one at the end of the week, Saturday. Also have to get together all my cosplay purikura…. oh and class starts in 10 hours sooo…. maybe I’d get some sleep. Hope you enjoyed this post and please stay tuned! (:
Until next time ♥
– Sam
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