☀ IT’S SUMMERTIME! (Cosplay Purikura) ☀

April 19, 2012
Ok ok, maybe I was a bit too fast to announce summer already, but what I meant is the mood in my blog! I changed the template and design because I HATED my last design. First loved it for it simplicity but then it faded to just plain boring. So everything new in April, of course not done by myself since my Photoshop is 10.000km @ my computer in Berlin (why the hell did I leave you at home?!) =_=“
Though it’s getting real warm lately and I’m super-convinced that the super summer heat is just waitin‘ around the corner. There is no real spring or fall in Japan where I live, it’s neither kinda cold or super freakin‘ HOT. Read a blog from a girl who was here last year and there summer heat started in May. I’m kinda satisfied with chilly 20°C, I have no clue what to wear if it’s getting hot. Gna. Need shopping but have to wait for my money another two weeks….nonono. 
Susann left, creepy Pachi right.
BUT! Back to the topic! I announced some cosplay purikura a hundred times and I am sorry. Here they are. They are late due to design-dislike-mood. I visited Sega Club located at Shibuya and Akihabara a several times to take some purikura with a cosplayish touch. While our friend S. was here we took tons of pics and since we got bored the last week we fell for the cosplay purikura thing. Why I never tried before? Because I thought that I, with my European measurements, might not fit into tiny little Asian costumes. I was wrong, most of the time they fitted. :’D Some were even way too big, I was surprised! We just had a hard time to breathe since all of us have more boobies than the standard Japanese girl it seems, lol. 
Note: This, of course, is no real cosplay. It’s just a little thing you can do to add a bit more excitement to your pictures!  You can get purikura costumes for free if you have a membercard. (I have more than ten since I rarely go to the same place, lol.) But enough baby talk, here’s the real deal (sorry for the quality, I just copied them with my cam since I don’t own a fancy Japanese phone therefore I can’t get them from the machines):
Maid Café Waitress

My dress was so SHORT as you can see, lol. We stood near a glass fenster when decorating the pictures and the Japanese stood there crowded and applauded us… I fear there might be some answers for that in my dress which barely covered my ass T.T“

Sailor-style school uniform

Compared to my maid dress my skirt this time was HUGE xD The hats we’re wearing mirrors our student status: I’m nearly done, Pachi’s with me but she’s lacking some courses and Susann never even finished the first exam back then, therefore the strawberry XD

I really wanted to do this for a long time but unfortunately the costumes they had weren’t as sweet as the ones I saw a day before in Shibuya!! >< So I was a bit disappointed, lol. Pachi could barely fit since her costume was a Japanese XS size >:
And, best for the last…

Alice in Wonderland

We switched costumes one time because the Queen of Hearts was occupied but we wanted her so bad in our pictures! Plus, Pachi didn’t look as good as Mad Hatter as we wanted her to so I got the Mad Hatter Part (Yesss :D) and she changed for the Queen of Hearts. Susann was The White Bunny since nobody of us wanted to do boring Alice LOL. <:

Bunnies love Mad Hatter-chan!
After switching costumes:

I’m a very hard-working mad hatter as you can see.

Full costume shot!

 ..hope you enjoyed these pictures! If you happen to find yourself in Japan or Tokyo you should definitely go and grab some of these free-to-wear-costumes since changing with friends is so much fun! We were the atrraction of the whole club since it’s very rare that foreigners participate (guess it’s kinda impossible to lend them without knowledge of Japanese…).

Next post will be SAKURA
Thank you for stopping by and see you next time!

– Sam.
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