• Friends in concert!

    Mai 8, 2012

    FRESH DYED PINK HAIR! 😀 This is what my hair looks like about one week after dyeing it. The color lasts up to 2 – 3 weeks, after that it’s still very bright in the first third of my hair while my bangs are turning blonde XD Usually I’m making a bun for a week…

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  • Pink Explosions.

    April 15, 2012

    Today was such a fun day, I’d like to share! And despite, I guess I haven’t shown my actual hairstyle yet? I dyed my hair pink for more than a month now and I’m still total in love with the vibrant color! The haircolor is from a friend from Germany; they have the color here…

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  • Yokohama Bay New Year Boat Trip

    Januar 4, 2012

    Because I was really busy after New Year’s Eve here are the belated pic’s of my New Year’s Boat Trip in Yokohama Bay with some friends from university here in Japan. Was a supercrazy cool night and illuminated Yokohama is just so beautiful to look at. Only the pics because there’s no great story around…

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  • Yokohama; 2nd Try.

    November 23, 2011

    Yesterday I originally wanted to post both pictures about Hakone and Yokohama buuuuut in both dorms, the men and women dorms, the internet connection crashed. I was lucky that my half-finished post could be posted so otherwise I would’ve to type it again x__x“ But that wasn’t the case so today I just show you…

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