• Winter Is Coming.

    November 17, 2012

    Brace yourselves my precious readers, for winter is coming! (If you know which bloodthirsty TV series I’m referring to – you may be awesome.) Back to topic! After having a super warm and sunny springish day on Wednesday it all of a sudden turned super freaking collddd in Berlin. I don’t know exactly where that…

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  • I’m going to London!

    September 20, 2012

    Hello beloved ones, When has your last shopping trip been? Mine certainly was quite some time ago. Therefore, I have some exciting news to share, I’ll be going to London from 24. September to 27. September together with my cousin Jacky! We planned this already when I was still in Japan but I didn’t know…

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  • Things I Need Before I Return Home!

    Juni 30, 2012

    Lately, the word „return“ is always around me. I hated that when I was still in Germany and the word „goodbye“ glimmed in everybody’s eyes when they saw me. That really is an awful feeling, I can tell you. I only have about 6 weeks left from my abroad studies in Japan and my friends…

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