• September Wishlist

    September 17, 2015

    Hi There! I originally meant to post this wishlist in August, but life kind of came in the way and it’s September already! If you’ve been following me around on Instagram, you already know that I received and absolutely loved the DrJart Ceramidin Liquid. I am very intrigued by this brand now and open to…

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  • April Wishlist: Lilac & Roségold Edition.

    April 16, 2015

    Hey there! I am currently so so stressed; I started a part-time job which is nice but they let me do short shifts 3-4 times a week which is not how I thought it would be. Will probably only do this for 2 months and try to get another job with less shifts but longer…

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  • New In: Pre-Birthday Gifts.

    Juni 28, 2014

    Hello to everyone! One night lately I was really really bored and when I get really bored…. there is a high percentage I turn to online shopping. Of course I am not buying just anything but I like to browse through stores for hours and pick something up along the way (I kind of almost…

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    Dezember 16, 2013

    Hello my lovelies, Are you enjoying the pre-Christmas time? With my schedule, I hardly had any time to enjoy it but I visited the Christmas markets enough so that I most certainly won’t miss them next Christmas when I’ll be in Korea. Crazy thing, not even three months left until I leave for Japan again!…

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    Dezember 2, 2013

    Hey my lovely ones, Wow, this weekend has been crazy! I had an academical symposium about German and Japanese film from Late Friday until late Sunday and wow, it was just a lot. I really liked it but it’s sad that I didn’t have any weekend, I’m writing this and will head to university right…

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    Oktober 10, 2013

    Hi my dear readers, Since university starts again soon enough I’m making little preparations and getting all the stationary I need. I LOVE STATIONARY. Notebooks, folders, pens… I can never have enough and it’s almost hell when I’m in Asia because everything is just adorable. I think I had about ten different notebooks in Japan……

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    Oktober 3, 2013

    Hello my dear readers, How have you been all this time? I am currently making the last preparations for me moving houses from Berlin to Bonn! I am a bit scared to live all on my own for the first time and then even in an unknown city. While this is all exciting I am…

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    September 22, 2013

    Hej my beloved readers, Is it as rainy and cold at your place as it is here in Berlin? Germany never had the best of weather but since the beginning of September Berlin takes the whole autumn-thing pretty serious. Rain and wind wherever I go. Usually at this time of the year I love to…

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  • September Sunshine

    September 3, 2013

    Hello my dear readers, I hope you all had a splendid start into September! Berlin takes it very literal which means – it’s rainy, stormy, very messy weather. Still not very cold so I have absolutely no idea what to wear, it’s either too cold or so warm that I sweat in my clothes, argh!…

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    Juni 26, 2013

    Hello my lovely readers, How have you all been lately? So far, I’ve been doing great. And it’s that time of the year again.. my birthday is just a week away (3rd July)! I love having birthday. I guess, most people do..? 😉 It’s just that I really love when all my friends gather together…

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