• Tiny sneak peek into my everyday campus life.

    Mai 23, 2012

    „Every year, I get half as pretty and twice as drunk!!“  (Dr. Julia Hoffman, Dark Shadows) *** I really don’t know what happened to my facial expression.. :3 This is from left to right: my roommate Pachi, Byoru, Sunhyung and Inhyung from Korea and myself. From the new people who arrived these three are the…

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  • Leather Jacket Pre:View! ♡

    März 8, 2012

    Sooooo after my long long looooong waiting list for my jacket (I don’t know what took them so long honestly, I guess they messed up the whole thing or something… they didn’t even want to send me a message altough it took almost 3 weeks. Usual in Japan is like 1 to 3 days MAXIMUM.…

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