• Living in Seoul (&Tokyo): December Edition

    Januar 9, 2015

    Good evening everyone! Wow, I have gotten an overwhelming response to my giveaway, thank you everyone who already entered! A lot of you were curious what actually my favorite sheet mask would be – I won’t tell before the giveaway ends, but I already prepared a huge „Battle of the Sheet Masks“ post that will…

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  • LIVING IN SEOUL – SEPTEMBER EDITION. picture-heavy post]

    Oktober 13, 2014

    First of all, I got amazing feedback on my last post, it was really really popular! I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for wishing me well with my breakout and I’m glad that this post was helpful for people who also struggle with acne! I got 1400+ views on that post which…

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    April 8, 2014

    My dear readers, I am now almost a month in Japan and soooo much has happened! I didn’t have internet for almost three weeks straight and it was hell. Not because I’m addicted to internet – it was really bad that I could not get into contact with my boyfriend, family or friends at all.…

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  • Tokyo Day!

    August 5, 2012

    Hello my lovelies, On Thursday, Pachi and I went to Tokyo again (time flies! so much to do, so little time..) this time for Akihabara and Asakusa. Pachi wanted to get some anime merchandise while I wanted to do special purikura cosplay for our anniversary (100 PURIKURA SHEETS! Call me insane, but hell yeah!) and…

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  • The Third Of July, or: MY BIRTHDAY :D

    Juli 4, 2012

    I know I said I won’t post anything before my birthday and then came up with four(?) personal posts or something like that, I’m sorry! It was real trouble when I changed my blog URL, honestly, I am not doing that ever again! If I knew that before, I’d rather… but well, cannot be helped!…

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  • ☆ Welcome to the NHK! ☆

    Juni 24, 2012

    Two weeks ago, me and all other exchange students from my university (Tôkai) were able to make an excursion with our teachers to go see Kabuki (traditional Japanese theater) and visit the NHK Studio Park! I totally forgot to blog about it was too lazy to edit all pictures that’s why I am late on that…

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  • Tiny sneak peek into my everyday campus life.

    Mai 23, 2012

    „Every year, I get half as pretty and twice as drunk!!“  (Dr. Julia Hoffman, Dark Shadows) *** I really don’t know what happened to my facial expression.. :3 This is from left to right: my roommate Pachi, Byoru, Sunhyung and Inhyung from Korea and myself. From the new people who arrived these three are the…

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  • ☀ IT’S SUMMERTIME! (Cosplay Purikura) ☀

    April 19, 2012

    Ok ok, maybe I was a bit too fast to announce summer already, but what I meant is the mood in my blog! I changed the template and design because I HATED my last design. First loved it for it simplicity but then it faded to just plain boring. So everything new in April, of…

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  • ☆ Odaiba dreams comin‘ true ☆

    April 8, 2012

    I’m lacking in posts again T__T Reason is that I always first blog on my blog in German where I blog about my life in Japan for my friends and family 😡 And after writing these posts which are usually reallyyy long I don’t have enough words left for this little one >< But I’m…

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  • Tokyo → Berlin

    Februar 4, 2012

    My dear readers, I’m off to Berlin! Everything is packed and in around one hour I’ll head for Shinjuku, spend the time in a random karaoke, sing my lungs to death and take the train to Narita airport in the morning between 6 or 7 AM. My flight’ll go at 12 but I like to…

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