• I SEE FIRE [13/14]

    Januar 9, 2014

    Hello my dear readers, I am  A W F U L L Y late with my New Year’s post I’m sorry! I hope you all had a wonderful start into the new year 🙂 I for my part…. I caught a very nasty infection in my throat and am currently still under heavy medication. I…

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    Juli 22, 2013

    Dear precious readers, I know, I know, it’s almost a little too late to talk about my birthday… but I had such a good time! 😀 I never had the chance to make proper pictures but now I do. On Saturday, some of my closest friends came over to visit. We had a wrap-party (a…

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    April 8, 2013

    Hello my dear readers, It seems like, we finally beaten winter in Germany! Yesterday we saw the sun shining for the very first time since weeks and today it seems to continue. Looking at the weather forecast, which promises that it will get warmer every day a bit. I’m so excited! I want spring so…

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    Februar 28, 2013

    My precious readers! [Ohh I just realized when I scheduled this post for today – today is the last day of February!! I absolutly hate February. So it will be March in less than 24 hours. Spring, here we come! How amazing.] Wow, life can be tough sometimes. Somehow, my life was much more easy…

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  • Happy Pika Pika New Year!

    Januar 10, 2013

    Belated New Year (again) Lovely Readers! I told you it would come a bit later but it would definitely come – my personal New Year’s Eve post! I promise to keep it as short and simple as it can get. So how do you guys usually welcome the New Year? Since the age of 14…

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  • Goodbye 2012 – Best Of Memories.

    Dezember 29, 2012

    Hello my fellow readers, wow, we’ve already made it this far. We survived this year’s apocalypse and a lot of other crappy things and soon we’ll have to write 2013 on our paper sheets and change the calenders. I want to use this to look back on a year that has been very special for…

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  • Christmas Party Western Style

    Dezember 20, 2012

    Howdy and Yeeha my dearest readers, How’s your weekend been? (I always mean these start questions, if you want to please tell me! 😀 ) Mine was pretty…. cool / awkward / different / party-like / non-sleepy. I’m still not sure what kind of feelings I should have towards this weekend but all together it…

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  • Yokohama Bay New Year Boat Trip

    Januar 4, 2012

    Because I was really busy after New Year’s Eve here are the belated pic’s of my New Year’s Boat Trip in Yokohama Bay with some friends from university here in Japan. Was a supercrazy cool night and illuminated Yokohama is just so beautiful to look at. Only the pics because there’s no great story around…

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  • Christmasparty with a huge surprise!

    Dezember 20, 2011

    Long time not seen! The recent days I was busy with learning (well I should’ve been busy with learning but! I accidentally began to view different series and anime series again, so…. I screwed it up. A bit.) So last Saturday I took one of my much happening learning breaks and went to the Christmas…

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