• Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012 in Odaiba

    Mai 15, 2012

    I totally forgot to post about my adventures when visiting the annual Anime Fair located in Odaiba, Tokyo. It was the last day together in Tokyo before our friend Susann left again for Berlin! Since she and my roommate Pachi are great fans of anime we decided to visit the fair. Tickets were only 800Yen…

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  • Friends in concert!

    Mai 8, 2012

    FRESH DYED PINK HAIR! 😀 This is what my hair looks like about one week after dyeing it. The color lasts up to 2 – 3 weeks, after that it’s still very bright in the first third of my hair while my bangs are turning blonde XD Usually I’m making a bun for a week…

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  • ☆ Odaiba dreams comin‘ true ☆

    April 8, 2012

    I’m lacking in posts again T__T Reason is that I always first blog on my blog in German where I blog about my life in Japan for my friends and family 😡 And after writing these posts which are usually reallyyy long I don’t have enough words left for this little one >< But I’m…

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