• Eos Candy Grey && Passed Japanese Exam!!

    Juli 14, 2011

    I’m back on the road with really good news: I passed the last Japanese exam on my university with 1,3!!! So let’s say I achieved my goal ^-^ When I first began with Japanese Studies two years ago I was plain average… not very good and not that bad, mostly a 2,0. Since I heard…

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  • Eos Candy Grey Review!

    Juli 2, 2011

    So a week ago I bought the cirle lenses Candy Grey from Eos via Pinkyparadise.com. This was the only shop so far who sell these kind of lenses, I was kind of surprised. But, price and shipping were okay, so I don’t have anything to reclaim :3 The lenses costs ~ 20€ and shipping was…

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