• Disneyland + Disney Sea Tokyo

    März 27, 2012

    久し振りみんな! It’s been a long time everybody! So I wasn’t really online the last two weeks ‚cause I lived in Tokyo together with my roommate and our beloved friend Susann who visited us and took the exhausting 20+ travel from Berlin to Japan. We stayed in a lovely hostel at Asakusa. It was the most…

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  • Merry belated Christmas! [Tokyo Disneyland Resort / Extremely Pic Heavy!]

    Dezember 26, 2011

    So my roommate and I went on Christmas Eve to Tokyo Disneyland the very first time in our lives. It was one of the best decisions in our life I guess! 😀 It wasn’t even as crowded as all our Japanese friends promised it to be. We went there very early, so it wasn’t nearly…

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  • Christmasparty with a huge surprise!

    Dezember 20, 2011

    Long time not seen! The recent days I was busy with learning (well I should’ve been busy with learning but! I accidentally began to view different series and anime series again, so…. I screwed it up. A bit.) So last Saturday I took one of my much happening learning breaks and went to the Christmas…

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