Dezember 16, 2013

    Hello my lovelies, Are you enjoying the pre-Christmas time? With my schedule, I hardly had any time to enjoy it but I visited the Christmas markets enough so that I most certainly won’t miss them next Christmas when I’ll be in Korea. Crazy thing, not even three months left until I leave for Japan again!…

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  • DIY Decoden Case Tutorial // Eyelash Type

    Juni 26, 2012

    It’s time for my first DIY Decoden Tutorial / Guidance! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ A lot of people requested that since you easily find pictures of decoden stuff but barely any tutorial which is not in Japanese. Decoden is one of the very few hobbys I do in my spare time between university and work and is one of the…

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  • ☆ Welcome to the NHK! ☆

    Juni 24, 2012

    Two weeks ago, me and all other exchange students from my university (Tôkai) were able to make an excursion with our teachers to go see Kabuki (traditional Japanese theater) and visit the NHK Studio Park! I totally forgot to blog about it was too lazy to edit all pictures that’s why I am late on that…

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  • Sponsored Review: Big Decoden (Sophie & Toffee) Haul!

    Mai 27, 2012

    GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT What? Oh, no… not me! 😀 Not yet. Before I come to the core of my blog title I want to share with you a fabulous giveaway one of my fellow blogger girls is holding! I’m speaking of the fabulous Feelo which I adore! Srsly, I love that girl, she’s insane and adorable.…

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  • Sophie & Toffee Blogger Contest!

    Mai 10, 2012

    I already forgot about that…. until a few days ago, when I received an Email from Sophie & Toffee which is my favorite shop for decoden goods! Most of you know that I am totally in love with decorating my everyday life products like iPod, mobile phone etc. with little cupcakes and whipped cream and…

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  • Decoden, cam worries and 新年会 (〜^∇^)〜

    Januar 22, 2012

    First of all, thank you all for thinking of me in my exam period! You cheered me up when I couldn’t take the learning any more. There are still two exams left (JLPT N2 grammar and an interview of the perspective of a character from a drama I took part in) but the others went…

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  • Decoden again ★

    Dezember 15, 2011

    One day, when I was really really honest about how much I had to learn for my upcoming finals, it knocked on the door and my purchase from Singapore flew in, drove me on the head and made me insane again. The truth is, since I bought my iPod Touch three weeks ago I was…

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  • Decoden Fake Eyelash Case ♥

    September 7, 2011

    Recently I started to wear fake lashes more often than usual. Normally I just used them on special occasions and always felt very unsecure when wearing them and being afraid they could fall off. Since I wear circle lenses I use fake lashes much more and this is why I was in an urgent need…

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  • Decoden-Party! ♥♥♥

    Juli 29, 2011

    Yesterday, two friends from university and I made a little „Ayumi Hamasaki“ evening at Tabea’s place in Potsdam. We bought a whole bunch of food (different kind of pizzas and chocolate) and watched the Countdown DVD’s till the last train we had to take to get back to Berlin :’D It was such a nice…

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