Januar 30, 2014

    Hello my dear readers, Finally! January is almost over! I don’t know about you, but January is always such a freaking long month, it seems just to never end. I think it’s because all the excitement from Christmas and New Year’s Eve suddenly drop in the cold and always muddy grey January.  As for this…

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    Januar 27, 2014

    Hey my dear readers, Let me share a secret with you: I am madly in love with crystal necklaces for a long time now. I once upon a time stumbled over the German Etsy shop of Wolfmade who just makes these amazing crystal bullet necklaces I had never seen before. I fell deeply in love and…

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    Januar 25, 2014

    Hello my dear readers, An outfit post! OMG! How long has it been…..?   I hope you have been all doing great this week! My week started really stressful because I had two very important presentations on Monday and Tuesday and I was really really reaaaally scared. I am usually fine with presentations since I…

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    Januar 16, 2014

    Hello my dearest, I hope you’re all doing well! Fortunately I got well and the infection is long gone, yay! I was feeling sooo dizzy and drowsy from all the medication, I am so happy to just be back to my normal self. Just right when the infection started (and I thought I would just…

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    Januar 12, 2014

    Hello my dearest, I hope you’re all doing good! I’m late with this post as well *sigh* but my sickness just threw me off my schedule. Plus I should do university stuff instead blogging but… I love blogging so much! Although everyone has already finished their Christmas posts, I’m that cocky and will give it…

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    Januar 11, 2014

    Hello my dearest, I hope you’re all doing well! I just wanted to give you a quick update and tell you about my plans for 2014! Most of you know this already, but this year could be the most intense year of my life. I thought 2011/12 could be my most intense year when I…

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  • I SEE FIRE [13/14]

    Januar 9, 2014

    Hello my dear readers, I am  A W F U L L Y late with my New Year’s post I’m sorry! I hope you all had a wonderful start into the new year 🙂 I for my part…. I caught a very nasty infection in my throat and am currently still under heavy medication. I…

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