Februar 28, 2013

    My precious readers! [Ohh I just realized when I scheduled this post for today – today is the last day of February!! I absolutly hate February. So it will be March in less than 24 hours. Spring, here we come! How amazing.] Wow, life can be tough sometimes. Somehow, my life was much more easy…

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  • Low Carb Nutella Banana Pancakes

    Februar 20, 2013

    My dear readers, I’m so sorry for being absent again. Although my exams are all over, I have to support my friends who have a very important exam tomorrow! My best friend is completely freaking out so I will accompany her to make her stay at least a bit more calm. Also, with 5 days…

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  • Grand Opening VIP Party: Vapiano Berlin Main Station

    Februar 15, 2013

    Hello my dearest readers, How have you all been? On Wednesday I had my first day of work since vacation and it was awful. I had early shift which is never ever a good idea in my opinion (I started at 6 AM which is a late early shift, ususally we start at 4:30. But…

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  • Little Valentine’s Surprise

    Februar 14, 2013

    Good morning my dearest readers, I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day! Honestly, I couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend and I never „celebrate“ because there’s just nothing to celebrate about. I don’t need a day where I am expecting someone to bring me flowers – I want flowers after work, just…

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  • Low Carb High Protein Pizza!

    Februar 12, 2013

    Hey girls & guys, I hope you’re all doing good? You all know that I try to keep my food healthy and try to cut out most of the carbs as good as I can but I have to confess that I just loooove junk food. Not always, not anytime, but I need it from…

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  • Review MAC Studio Fix Fluid or: How MAC saved my life.

    Februar 9, 2013

    Good morning my dear readers! I honestly wanted to post this for forever and ever and ever but when I got the time I was always too lazy to post it. Since I only have health/recipe/fitness posts coming up at the moment I thought it would be nice to have something different again on here…

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    Februar 6, 2013

    Good evening my lovely readers, How’s your weekend been? I haven’t done really anything much – focusing on studying and my fitness health plan to be honest! So I wanted to share with you how my second week of learning to be more fit went! 🙂 I have to say, this was an awesome week!…

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    Februar 1, 2013

    Good morning, afternoon or evening my readers! First of all, I was amazed by the overall positive feedback to my last post! I really didn’t expect so many of you to be interested in fitness and health stuff. So I will definitely keep you up with my progress and share tips! 🙂 This post should’ve…

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