• Goodbye 2012 – Best Of Memories.

    Dezember 29, 2012

    Hello my fellow readers, wow, we’ve already made it this far. We survived this year’s apocalypse and a lot of other crappy things and soon we’ll have to write 2013 on our paper sheets and change the calenders. I want to use this to look back on a year that has been very special for…

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  • Secret Santa Project.

    Dezember 27, 2012

    Good morning little girls, are you tired of Christmas yet? I usually never can’t get enough of that fuzzy and cosy atmosphere around Christmas so I am forcing one last post on you (I promise to make it short :D) I joined a Secret Santa Project that was hosted by a German blogger called Miriam.…

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  • Happy Merry Christmas!

    Dezember 25, 2012

    Happy Merry Christmas to all of my beloved readers! Swedish-themed Christmas tree at my mom’s place  // My very own Christmas tree at my bf’s place 😀 (I bought it and I had to carry this little super heavy thing and decorated it so it’s my whole pride.) I know I’m late and a bad…

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  • Christmas Party Western Style

    Dezember 20, 2012

    Howdy and Yeeha my dearest readers, How’s your weekend been? (I always mean these start questions, if you want to please tell me! 😀 ) Mine was pretty…. cool / awkward / different / party-like / non-sleepy. I’m still not sure what kind of feelings I should have towards this weekend but all together it…

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  • Firmoo Glasses Review!

    Dezember 14, 2012

    Hey my beloved girls, Some weeks ago the lovely people from Firmoo contacted me asking, if I would want to test out their services and review a pair of glasses of my own choice. Me, as a newbie to glasses who just received her very first pair, couldn’t resist but to try them out. I…

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  • Hungover Day.

    Dezember 9, 2012

    Good evening to all of you, how have you all been? I have nothing much to talk about this weekend since I have the worst hungover in ages. I was at my boyfriend’s parents company where they held a Christmas party. They are having the party every year and I’m always so looking forward to it!…

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  • Christmas Outfit Dilemma.

    Dezember 6, 2012

    Hi my dearest readers, how have you all been? Sorry for the lack of updates. First, I’d like to thank everyone, who wished me well for my exam! I received a lot emails, calls and messages from friends, relatives and colleagues I couldn’t be any happier 🙂 Unfortunately the exam went really bad, not to…

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  • Exam Today.

    Dezember 2, 2012

    Hello my fellow readers, Today is the day. The day I’ve been learning for the last 3 months. This exam will decide if I’ll be able to apply to interpreter’s course next year or not. Needless to say that I’m stressed out these last few days. Usually I’m not panicking before exams but since this…

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