• Disneyland + Disney Sea Tokyo

    März 27, 2012

    久し振りみんな! It’s been a long time everybody! So I wasn’t really online the last two weeks ‚cause I lived in Tokyo together with my roommate and our beloved friend Susann who visited us and took the exhausting 20+ travel from Berlin to Japan. We stayed in a lovely hostel at Asakusa. It was the most…

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  • Soon. Very soon.

    März 22, 2012

    I’m so sorry guys, I haven’t updated in nearly a month! >__<“ But I was busy in Tokyo with my roommate and my good friend Susann the last eleven days and there was just no time and no chance to upload anything. But I’ll be back in 3 days sooo be patient because I have…

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  • Leather Jacket Pre:View! ♡

    März 8, 2012

    Sooooo after my long long looooong waiting list for my jacket (I don’t know what took them so long honestly, I guess they messed up the whole thing or something… they didn’t even want to send me a message altough it took almost 3 weeks. Usual in Japan is like 1 to 3 days MAXIMUM.…

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