• Just ‚cause I have to share my happiness

    Januar 25, 2012

    Two days after I made a post about these kick-ass shoes and some other stuff I received a mail that they’d be available in my size and I fuckin‘ bought them INSTANTLY. And I won’t regret it, now way. J. Campbell Lita Studded They arrived today and they are fuckin‘ AMAZING (no, capital letter is obviously…

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  • Decoden, cam worries and 新年会 (〜^∇^)〜

    Januar 22, 2012

    First of all, thank you all for thinking of me in my exam period! You cheered me up when I couldn’t take the learning any more. There are still two exams left (JLPT N2 grammar and an interview of the perspective of a character from a drama I took part in) but the others went…

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  • January’s all studded and shimmery.

    Januar 15, 2012

    I have a heavy craving for some certain fashion goods available in the broad, wide world. Since I came to Japan I’m searching desperately for a heavy studded leather jacket, if anybody knows where or from which brand to get, please tell me! All I found were a) freakin‘ overoverpriced b) poorly studded and/or c)…

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  • Organized chaos in my head.

    Januar 12, 2012

    Today was the last day of „real“ exercise and lessons in university. What’s coming now are seven days full of exams and sacrifices; some days I have four final exams of different courses eight hours in a row. Dear Japan; I’m a lazy student from Germany, I’m not used to this! .___.““ Only good thing is,…

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  • 福袋 Fukubukuro Loveee ♥ (CRYX, Peace Now, Glad News)

    Januar 10, 2012

    Finally, writing about my roommate’s and my shopping trip in Tokyo exactly a week ago concerning Fukubukuro 😀 Widely known as lucky bags you can buy those bags in all price ranges – from a few yen up to millions. Most widespread are these ranging from 10 to 200€ I’d say. Really every shop in…

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  • Yokohama Bay New Year Boat Trip

    Januar 4, 2012

    Because I was really busy after New Year’s Eve here are the belated pic’s of my New Year’s Boat Trip in Yokohama Bay with some friends from university here in Japan. Was a supercrazy cool night and illuminated Yokohama is just so beautiful to look at. Only the pics because there’s no great story around…

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