• Winter Lolita Coat ~♪

    Dezember 30, 2011

    Since I came here I wanted a lolita coat in vain. Not because I’m a lolita or something but because they are always so fluffy, warm and are made with so much detail to the little things, what I like. Yesterday I was out with my roommate and a friend from Kyoto and we met…

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  • Products+Review since I came to Japan (BB Cream, Palty, Diamond Eyelash, Lavshuca, Shiseido)

    Dezember 28, 2011

    Title says everything. Who hasn’t seen my post about my trip to Disneyland yet, should click here! (≧∇≦)/ Because I don’t have anything real to post about I thought I give you a little insight in which products I bought since I came to Japan and what experiences I made with them. Some were great and…

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  • Merry belated Christmas! [Tokyo Disneyland Resort / Extremely Pic Heavy!]

    Dezember 26, 2011

    So my roommate and I went on Christmas Eve to Tokyo Disneyland the very first time in our lives. It was one of the best decisions in our life I guess! 😀 It wasn’t even as crowded as all our Japanese friends promised it to be. We went there very early, so it wasn’t nearly…

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  • ★ Christmas Campus! ★

    Dezember 21, 2011

    Something I wanted to show you for a couple of weeks now is the Christmas decoration at the campus where I’m studying. I was really impressed when I saw them setting things up but students gotta tell me that this is only a real minimalistic decoration this year because of the electricity cut-down and savings…

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  • Christmasparty with a huge surprise!

    Dezember 20, 2011

    Long time not seen! The recent days I was busy with learning (well I should’ve been busy with learning but! I accidentally began to view different series and anime series again, so…. I screwed it up. A bit.) So last Saturday I took one of my much happening learning breaks and went to the Christmas…

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  • Decoden again ★

    Dezember 15, 2011

    One day, when I was really really honest about how much I had to learn for my upcoming finals, it knocked on the door and my purchase from Singapore flew in, drove me on the head and made me insane again. The truth is, since I bought my iPod Touch three weeks ago I was…

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  • My private jealousy.

    Dezember 3, 2011

    Last time I made an up-do with my hair I wasn’t able to pull it down anymore as seen above. I used so much hairspray that they denied to get back to their natural form xD So I had to brush all out otherwise they refuse to look like hair again 😀 Today was the…

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